Getting to Know Our Team and Vision


Empowering Small Business Owners to Succeed

Welcome, entrepreneurial spirits and small business pioneers! I am Jacqueline Greer, CPA, at the helm of FishBone Financial Services, FishBone Tax Services, and JHG Accounting Firm. Driven by an incredible network of friends, family, and professional allies, my goal is straightforward – to bolster startups and small enterprises by offering cost-effective services that ensure prompt and reliable tax submissions alongside precise financial reporting. Our approach transcends standard procedures; we engage in thorough analysis, scrutinize every detail, and most importantly, shed light on the stories behind the figures.

Having navigated the small business journey myself, I fully recognize the importance of mastering tax preparation nuances and leveraging beneficial tax strategies. FishBone Tax Services brings to the table a wealth of knowledge in tax documentation and strategy, poised to foster the success of your venture. Let’s collaborate to adeptly manage the tax environment, freeing you up to concentrate on expanding your business.

Our approach sets us apart by offering not just tax filing services, but also personalized insights and a deep commitment to precision. Unlike others who may fulfill the basic requirement of submitting your taxes, we delve into the nuances to ensure accuracy and optimal outcomes for our clients.

With a vast array of accounting, bookkeeping, and tax firms available, selecting the right one can seem daunting. Before you realize it, you might find yourself committed to services that don't align with your future needs. At our firm, we understand this challenge and respond by offering flexible, no-contract for our accounting and bookkeeping services.

Our niche is to keep things simple and costs low for you and provide only the services you need.

Our overall objective is to partner with you and become part of your team so we can guide you toward success and profitability.

Through collaboration and teamwork, we can offer you something unique in today’s business environment where you can eventually have the knowledge and know-how to guide your company financially or become comfortable with us staying on as part of your team.


Empowering Financial Confidence

At FishBone Tax Services, we pride ourselves on a unique and innovative approach to tax and bookkeeping services. Our team goes beyond traditional methods, integrating the latest technology and personalized strategies to meet your specific needs. We’re committed to providing not just solutions, but also education and support to empower our clients. Our focus on clear communication, precision, and tailored advice ensures that you’re not only compliant but also maximizing your financial potential.


Strong Foundation

Delivering exceptional service to small business owners, ensuring excellence and reliability wherever you are.


We relentlessly pursue precision and meticulous attention to detail in every financial record and report. Our commitment is to accurately record every transaction, safeguarding the integrity of financial information with unwavering precision.


Integrity is our cornerstone. We prioritize honesty and transparency in every interaction with clients, employees, and regulatory authorities. We steadfastly adhere to ethical standards, avoiding conflicts of interest to ensure trust and credibility in all our dealings.


Reliability is ingrained in our ethos. We take pride in consistently delivering not just financial information but dependable insights to our clients. Meeting deadlines is not just a commitment but a practice, ensuring timely reporting that you can rely on.


We prioritize safeguarding the privacy of client information and maintaining strict confidentiality across all aspects of our work. Adhering to data protection regulations and industry standards, we ensure the trust and security of your sensitive financial information.